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Our programs will change your perspective towards the Stock Market. Our programs will give you deeper insights into simple yet strong concepts of trading and using technical analysis.

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The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient

— Warren Buffett
  • BeginNer

    Yes! I Can Trade

    A day that will change your perspective towards...

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  • intermediate

    Seven Wonders of Trading

    Advanced Candle Sticks Patterns,Volume Analysis...

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  • intermediate


    Trend Following Systems, Multi-Bagger Stocks – ...

  • expert

    Options Demystified

    Strategies and tactics to making money using options as a......

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Who We Are?

Rahul and Prashant have more than 20 years of combined trading experience. They have witnessed and experienced all kinds of trends in the Indian Stock Market. Both of them worked at a Senior Management Level with MNCs, before taking trading as a full-time profession.


What People Think About Us

  • This program changed my life for good. Guess I had more teachers like him

    Ronny Shetty
    Full-Time IT Professional
  • I have Generating passive income from my home. Thanks Sir for the guidance.

    Juhi Sheth
    Home maker
  • Intense Workshops,Detailed Subject Knowledge and Whole lot of fun. That's how u learn.

    Hemant Pagare

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** The average performance is based on so and so batch students and can wary from batch to batch. other disclosure data here.

The Story of the Founders

Prashant invested in his first stock which was an Indian IT major, in 2003. That is how he started the journey in the StockMarket. He started trading and investing actively. This was random leading to huge profits and large draw downs as well. By 2006, he got deeper into the price and a basic patter of buying only above previous week high or adding on previous day high, gave him strong consistency. That is exactly when he realized the potential of the Stock Market. His background of working with American and Japanese Investment banks, made him think that trillions of dollars were invested in the stock market. This cannot be on the basis of random actions and there had to be some science or some logic to this entire process. 

Rahul started his journey in the Stock Market by investing in a Cement Company stock. This stock had crashed due to bad results and much to his wonder he realized that within the next two years, this small investment was able to sponsor his MBA education. This experience manifested into a strong belief in the Stock Market and Rahul started getting deeper into investing and Trading. His strong corporate profile and background into Commodities always kept him aligned to the Stock Markets. 

They both discussed their common passion about stocks since 2013 and decided to get detailed knowledge about the stocks and the science behind them. This is how two people with an Engineering & Management background and no formal background of Stock Market started a journey together. Eventually they realized that they were able to match their strong corporate salaries on a consistent basis through trading. 

They realized later that people around are not able to reach their goals or rather not able to set them. Their Goals were set by their firms and hence were aligned to the firm’s interest instead of individual’s growth. 

This is exactly where Rahul & Prashant decided that they can make people achieve financial freedom the same way as they did by forming a Training Institute, which would train anyone, a common man to a person with Trading background on a similar platform and provide knowledge beyond textbook and the videos available on theInternet. This knowledge would stay with people lifelong and act as a CATALYST to reach their Goals. 

Catalyst Wealth is the platform where teaching is our passion and we work to provide people a vision to be an Employer rather than being an Employee, to take concrete steps towards their Goals and to eventually take up Trading as a Stress Free, ProcessOriented Full time Profession; thereby living a Life of their Choice.


Rahul Wani & Prashant Sawant

Co-Founders, Catalyst Wealth

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